RAYDENT Studio 600

New Chair Side Dental 3D Printing Solutions

Fast and high precision printing experiences in your daily treatment.

Fast Printing

High Accuracy

Powerful Solution

Chair Side

XY Resolution at 47μm

Thickness 50,100μm

Complete Set to Enter the Era of Digital Dentistry

RAYDENT Studio offers the easiest-to-implement integrated dental 3D printing solution which enables the in-office fabrication of dental appliances.

“RAYDENT 3D printer is a part of my daily clinical practice, especially in the implant treatment field. When making a provisional restoration, I like to use the RAYDENT Studio 3D printer with the Object CT protocol for the immediate loading application by denture duplication, surgical guide and individual tray fabrication, etc.”

Dr. Inseong Jeon, Seoul H Dental Clinic, Seoul, Korea

RAYDENT dental 3D printer is suitable for the dental industry,
specifically for:

Dental Models
Printing time 40~50 min / Accuracy avg. 50μm
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Temporary crowns and bridges
Printing time 20~25 min / Accuracy avg. 40μm
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Surgical guides
Printing time Full: 40~50 min / Half: 25~30 min / Accuracy avg. 50μm
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High-resolution 3D printer for digital dental offices

Superior quality 3D printed objects with the newly developed high-resolution optical LCPS technique. Users can utilize all the benefits from RAYDENT Studio’s optimized design and superior

The state of art 3D Print Technology

Superior beam uniformity and small form factor

Powerful and intuitive Software

Nesting and slicing with the RAYDENT Studio proprietary software allows for a more easy, fast, and precise 3D printing experience for users. The RAYDENT Studio software displays essential information such as Printing Time and Material Usage. The software also automates most features, such as Nesting Orientation and Support Structure Creation and minimizes material consumption.

Key features

Disposable vat for easy management

Ray adopted the disposable vats to guide users to have less trouble managing vats and reduce wasted resin material.

Disposable vat for easy management

RAYDENT offers various types of resins for a wide range of applications. These are also biocompatible and water washable (alcohol-free cleaning process).

Slide   Water washable RAYDENT C&B For Crowns & Bridges   Class IIa bio-compatible   Low viscosity   High abrasion resistance   Breaking and flexural resistant   Natrual tooth shade:A2   WaveLength: 405nm Slide   Water washable RAYDENT SG For Surgical Guides   Class IIa bio-compatible   Low viscosity   Breaking and flexural resistant   Transparent Yellow   WaveLength: 405nm Slide   Water washable RAYDENT DM For Dental Models   Low viscosity   Prosthetic / Orthodontic / Thermoforming   Deep Yellow / Grey   WaveLength: 405nm

Fast and Accurate Printing

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