Ray and our partners highly value…

Innovation in Imaging

Collaboration in Practice

Commitment to better Care


Ray Netherlands is since 2019 part of the stock-listed South Korean company Ray Medical Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2004, Ray has been dedicated to making a better world by providing reliable, innovative x-ray imaging solutions in dental & medical industry.

We have successfully introduced state-of-the-art imaging solutions to our customers over 50 countries. Ray’s latest products, 3-in-1 CBCT RAYSCAN series for dental and medical, IP scanner RIOScan, intraoral sensor RIOSensor and software solutions, have set new standards of x-ray imaging solutions, leading the global market. All our achievements have been made through our innovative advancement in technology, passionate collaboration with global partners and commitment to better patient care with the competitive products and services in this dynamic world of imaging industry.

Now, we are very pleased to present our exciting 3D printing solution for digital dentistry. With the launching of RAYDENT Studio, the new 3D printer for dental clinics and labs, Ray and you will radically change the dental industry by improving patient care.

Our wealth of experiences and know-hows as well as our global R&D partners’ will constantly improve our truly cutting-edge solutions toward advancement of humanity.

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